Classes & Services

Beginner 101

Beginners or first-time shooters are recommended to register for the Beginner 101 class. We teach the proper shooting form, and we educate students how to shoot safely at the SW Archery Range.

We are FAMILY FRIENDLY as well! This class helps strengthen family relations as well as create an exciting way to have FUN!

Private Lessons

Schedule private lessons directly through our provided number or online.

Our students are taught by a professional coach who has 20 years of experience at the national and international level in both South Korea and in the US.(produced more than 20 people youth USA Team and Senior Team members for 7 years)

We aim to increase your archery skills in a one-on-one environment.


Our professional coach will advise and consult students and parents to help find the perfect bow and arrows for your son/daughter.

SW Archery also provides equipment that can be purchased at the range.

We also provide bow/arrow tuning, cutting, and fletching for a fee.

Range Pass

Our range pass is a prepaid card so that students can book a lane and practice at anytime during hours of operations.

We do allow walk-in lane bookings at a first come first serve basis.

More information can be found in the Rates section of our website.



This program is designed to introduce any youth archer aged 7-19 to promote Archery as an extracurricular sport.

JOAD classes teach the fundamentals of proper shooting and boosts focus, self-confidence, and teamwork. JOAD archers who use a recurve bow can train to compete in any local and national competitions not only in United State, but worldwide.

JOAD class archers are also able to try-out for the US Olympic Archery team. 

Join our JOAD program for a fun experience or if you desire to be the next World Champion. 

During JOAD group lessons, our professional archery coach instructs a group of archers by moving up and down the shooting lanes.

Adult Classes

(Ages 19 and UP)

Adults can join this class to learn archery as a hobby or professional sport. Archery is fun for all ages, and it is never too late to start! By performing archery, you will be able to gain benefits both mentally and physically. It helps maintain conditioning and character building. Join this program to experience the fun and interesting aspects of archery!

College Admission Consulting

Applying to the right college is one of the most important steps for your son/daughter’s future success. 


SW Archery provides consulting to utilize each student’s passions and extracurricular activities to maximize his/her chances in getting accepted to Ivy League or other highly competitive universities. 


Consulting will be focused on their personal desires, goals, and accomplishments to become a competitive college applicant.


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